Picking The Right Size of Small Dog Clothing for Your Pet

There is a big market for small dog clothing in the pet world today. A lot of small dog owners, myself included, seem to have this unusual desire to dress our dogs up in cute little dog costumes and clothes. I say “little” pet clothing because that’s precisely what I mean: clothes and costumes that are designed just for the smaller breed dogs.If you browse through your local pet store, you’re very likely to find there are a lot more styles of sweaters and shirts and coats for smaller dogs than there are for the larger breeds. There are many times more styles of clothes for dogs available to chihuahuas than there are to labradors, in other words.And this is perhaps one of the reasons you’ll see the occasional dog wearing clothes that are too small for him if you take a walk through a busy dog park: the dog owners I meet often fall in love with a piece of clothing designed for a smaller dog than they have, that they are unable to find in the appropriate size for their own dog, and sometimes they’re just not willing to let go and admit the fact that the stylish shirt or sweater they make their poor dog wear isn’t really big enough for him!A simple way to avoid this particular situation with your own dogs is to actually try the small dog clothing on your dogs before buying them. If you’re buying the clothes at a local pet store, many of these stores allow you to take your dog in with you, and this allows you to test out the dog clothing on your dog right there in the store before spending money on it and then having to return it later on.Of course, this is not possible if you’re online and browsing small dog clothing; but you can still take your dog into the local pet store as described above, try out some dog clothes on him there to get an idea of what size he is in pet clothing terms, and then use that size when you go online to buy chihuahua clothes or yorki clothes (or whatever breed you have). If you do this, you’ll know exactly what size to choose, and I find that doing this works much better than just guessing at my dogs’ clothing size when I’m shopping for their clothes online. If you take the time to do this, you’ll spend less time returning clothes for a different size and more time showing off your cute little pooch in his stylish small dog clothing.

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